SAFEDOORnz offer a State of art technology based Preventative Maintenance Program which keeps records of each door assets safety, last service and modifications.

With the SAFEDOOR - PM system, we are able to maintain and manage numerous door systems and types across a range of facilities for each client.

With the Reporting and maintenance data keep in one place, this gives access to both the Service technician and client on a 24/ 7 basis.

Safedoor-PM gives you peace of mind and ensures you facilities doors are Safe for use, Comply with industry standards and best practice and are Prevented from causing undue delays or injuries.

Think Safedoor PM when its Safety time.

Be proactive and prevent your doors from failing by Implementing the Safedoor PM system with Safedoor today.

Contact us for a onsite door audit and consultation.

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Click here to download more information on the SAFEDOOR-PM Program.

Safedoorpm Information Sheet.pdf

Check out the Video Below explaining the SAFEDOORPM Program.